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I'd love to hear from you.  Please contact me at wendy (dot) shang (at) hotmail (dot) com.

If you would like to interview me on your blog, please contact my publicist at Scholastic, Emma Brockway, at EBrockway (at) scholastic (dot) com.

I am also a proud member of fromthemixedupfiles, a multi-author blog featuring all things for the 8-12 year-old reading set.  Please visit!


I'm with AuthorsNow!  Check out my profile and find other great authors.

Laura Simeon, a school librarian at OWS and Vista Academy, had this to say about The Great Wall of Lucy Wu. 

Get your hunger on at Jama Kim Rattigan's review at Alphabet Soup.  Her visuals are amazing!

I'm in good company with Mitali Perkins and Ruta Sepetys at Edge Book Reviews.

Me and Judy Blume in the same sentence?  I'm in a swoon over my review at Abby the Librarian.

LUCY received a 'C' - for *CLEAN* from the Library of Clean Reads!

Kathy Gaglione at Hers for the Reading called Lucy "the every-girl," which is about one of the nicest things you can say, I think. 

Forget the Tiger Mother!  Pragmatic Mom praises LUCY as part of a set of books that "
depict Asian American kids in an authentic and honest way".

LOVE this review by a sixth-grader, printed in the Brattleboro Reformer.  If Chaya Holch writes this well NOW, I can't wait to see what comes out in a few years!

Reading in Color says "
Definitely one of my favorite debuts of the year, one of my favorites of the year, period."


Here are a few fabulous writers and readers I am delighted to call my friends and colleagues:

Anamaria Anderson, bookstogetherblog.com
Anamaria is a first-round 2010 Cybils judge for MG sci-fi and fantasy.

Marfe Ferguson Delano, marfebooks.com and inkrethink.blogspot.com
Marfe's book EARTH IN THE HOT SEAT is the 2010 Green Earth Book winner!

Moira Donohue, moirarosedonohue.net
Moira is the Queen of Punctuation - and she makes it fun!

Kathy Erskine, kathyerskine.com
Kathy's book MOCKINGBIRD is the 2010 National Book Award winner!

Marty Rhodes Figley, martyrhodesfigley.com
Check out Marty's two latest books for the History Speaks line.

Carla Heymsfeld, carlaheymsfeld.com
Carla's books have fun activities from matzah balls to narwhal tusks.

Jacqueline Jules, jacquelinejules.com
Jackie's book UNITE OR DIE is the 2010 Cardozo Award winner!

Kim Norman, kimnormanbooks.com
You're in for some cool fun with the author of TEN ON A SLED!

Madelyn Rosenberg, madelynrosenberg.com

Madelyn is the author of the How to Behave at a Tea Party (coming 2011).

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